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Morass-Forte, is only the scientific technique which increases the gap between skin and skull and bring back to its original level. As we do Angioplasty and put stunt in artery to increase the gap for blood flow to heart? So, as in Morass-Forte we do scalpoplasty with Korean technology, threads are inserted from different angles t increase the gap for skin and skull. When the gap is increased, blood flow comes to its original circulation speed and their roots get proper oxygen and minerals. Secondly, this technique produces new collagen develops in the newly developed gap that gives more strength to the roots. It is the only scientific technique by which we can stop hair fall.

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  • We are the largest luxury aesthetic clinic in India
  • For the first time in India, most scientific skin analyzer to understand your skin
  • Most advanced robotic hair transplant technology for best result
  • We are the only facility in india that treats non-healing wounds like diabetic foot
  • Only specialized doctors to carry out your procedures
  • We use latest FDA approved, patented laser technology and services
  • We follow all the clinical and hygiene standards to ensure client safety
  • We provide 360-degree solutions for all your hair, skin and body aesthetic needs
  • We are unrivalled experts in skin lightening and anti-ageing services

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Dr. Swati Garg
Dr. Swati Garg
Aesthetic Dermatologist & Laser Surgeon
Dr. Bindiya Bansal
Dr. Bindiya Bansal
Skin & VD
Dr. Amita Mundra
Dr. Amita Mundra
Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

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