Alopecia Diagnostic Test

Alopecia Diagnostic Test

At Je Amour, we trust that diagnosis is the reason for the fruitful and long lasting treatment of male pattern baldness. This is the reason we have built an exceptionally modern diagnostic system for male pattern baldness, the Unique Diagnostic System for Alopecia (UDSA)

Why Did We Develop UDSA Diagnostic System?

Hair-loss could occur due to various reasons. The major reason for hair loss or baldness is androgenetic hair loss or male patterned baldness. Once started, genetic hair loss is difficult to stop or reverse. It can cause considerable amount of stress to people and cause massive blow to their self confidence. Hair loss can also occur due to reasons apart from ones genetics and that can be reversed or even stopped. It is very important to diagnose the type of hair loss in order to curate the best type of hair loss treatment for you.

Most of the hair loss clinics do not test your condition and provide solutions. At Je Amour, we have devised a Unique Diagnostic System for Alopecia to determine the exact reason for hair loss and plan for the best treatment. A hair transplant may be the only permanent solution to hair loss but treatments like PRP or low level laser or hair prosthetics are among few solutions that can cater to everyone’s needs.

UDSA looks at every particular case separately, including physiological viewpoints, psychological viewpoints, dermatological examinations, mathematical perspectives and the Je Amour alopecia test before deciding on the fitting treatment design.

UDSA was created by a group of specialists to give exact and customized diagnosis to a wide range of alopecia – hair and scalp issue.


UDSA Has Four Noteworthy Parts:

  • Je Amour alopecia test
  • Mental Aspect
  • Dermatological angle
  • Mathematical angle


A group of Je Amour specialists that incorporate managerial expert, dermatologist, plastic specialist, analyst, and endocrinologist are engaged with the diagnostic procedure, as per every patient's needs. A logical board arranged for globally famous therapeutic specialists oversees and favors each treatment design.

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