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Figure Correction Services.

Along with the ever- changing times we find ourselves struggling with demands of life. Sometimes we are just not able to find the perfection that we strive for and that can cause considerable amount of frustration. Our appearance is one such area of concerns. Many Changes that occur to our body due to ageing, pregnancy or surgeries can leave us with contours that do not meet our personal expectations. If you wish to make slight changes in your looks we can help. At Je Amour along with encouraging a healthy lifestyle, we bring to you a wide variety of figure sculpting techniques which aims at solving all your body concerns. After a detailed discussion with our doctors you can decide if you would like to opt for surgical methods or if you are looking for corrections or make slight changes to your appearance without going under the knife, there are a series of non-invasive methods to choose from.

Belly fat: Unwanted fat in and around belly is a notoriously common culprit to be difficult to lose. With the advancing age this process becomes even more difficult to bring about such changes to one’s body. Especially for the people who have exercised tirelessly but still cannot achieve their personal projections this can be frustrating. Most of choose to simply resign to forces of nature and give in. But for those of us who’d simply to make subtle changes to their appearance to help them feel more confident about themselves we suggest reshaping procedures at Je Amour.

Thighs and Arms : If you are struggling with flabby arms or popularly called bingo wings or you find yourself worrying about the shape of your thighs when you wear your favourite short skirt, we are here help. If you have recently lost a lot of weight and you feel the skin has lost its laxity there is a variety of ways to treat it. After discussing your concerns with our doctors we can help you choose a plan that can help you target your problem areas and reach perfection.

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More popularly known as cool sculpting, cryolipolysis is a technique of selectively reshaping and reducing body fat by targeting at problem areas like abs, back, bingo wings or love handles. The procedure works by freezing targeted part of fat above freezing temperature but lower than the body temperature which is then removed by the body itself. This procedure is ideal for the people who despite of maintaining an exercise regimen, and diet still have stubborn bulges of fat that simply refuses to budge.

The process takes about one hour and has little or no down time. One can return to their normal day to day routine right after the procedure. During the procedure the target area is marked and protective gel pad is placed over it and excess fat is sucked into a cool sculpting applicator or handle. Initially, one may feel slight suction pressure where skin comes in contact with the applicator. You could simply relax, listen to music or take a nap as the rest of the procedure lasts for an hour and is absolutely painless. The frozen piece fat appears like a stick of butter below the skin after the procedure which immediately disappears as the provider massages it into skin. It is then flushed out normally with body excreta.

The difference in appearance of targeted area or dissolved fat is visible gradually over a period of few weeks with multiple sessions depending on specific requirement of your body. The procedure relies heavily on the expertise of the service provider hence please take your time to make your choice.

LIPO laser: laser guided lipo

This is another technique that is ideal for mild to moderate fat reduction and improvement in skin laxity. The basic idea that a lipo-laser works on is gently shrinking rather than removing the fat cells. If you are only 10-12 kgs short from your ideal weight, this can be your saving grace.

During a session of lipo-laser, heating pads are placed over the targeted area for 30-40 minutes to induce heating effect in the fat cells seated deep in the skin to reduce size of the fat cells. On the shallow layers of skin the laser induces production of collagen that improves elasticity of the skin. 6-8 treatments may be required to reach the desired results. It is very important to start a dieting regimen when you begin a laser-lipo fat reduction treatment to sustain the fat deficit condition for fat cells.

The process can place in following steps. First the heat is induced focusing on the deep seated fat cells and shrinking is induced. In the second step the top layers of skin are targeted to initiate collagen production in the cells. There can be a third step where the excess oil from the treated areas is drained or removed but in case of area with thin layers of fat like jowl area it is left to be processed by the body.

Radio frequency:

the thought of surgery fills a lot of us with huge amounts of dread. Among the non-invasive options for fat reduction, we have lasers that can help you find the all of your personal expectations of an ideal body. This procedure works by providing an instant tightening and lift to the targeted area resulting in a smoother body that is remodelled according to your needs.

The heating effect that radio frequency brings to the collagen fibres helps break down and melt the fat cells. This procedure tightens and plumps the skin bringing a refreshing look to the skin. It helps improves the blood circulation from the targeted areas in turn helping improve the elasticity of the skin.

This procedure is ideal for bringing tightening and brightening to skin that has lost its lustre due to ageing or weight loss. For problem areas like arms, back, thighs or jowl that requires lifting and tightening this procedure is suitable.

Electronic Muscle stimulation (EMS)

Electronic muscle stimulation is a system that has been used by professional athletes and models as a method to work out. This focuses at increasing the intensity of your work out by focusing on large muscle groups without actually putting in that much strength. This is supposed to be an addition to your work out to achieve results in half as much time as any other method to lose weight. You can begin to see results in few weeks with 10-15 sessions of 25-30 minutes each. This can be accompanied with a healthy lifestyle and a regular workout regimen can bring about lasting changes that are noticeable and easy to maintain.

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)

This is a revolutionary advancement in the field of aesthetics that specialise in anti aging solutions. At Je Amour we use Ulthera system that utilises HIFU technique to treat skin problems by providing required lift and hydration to the targeted area.

The procedure uses concentrated radio waves that work by producing heat to the fat cells and induce production of collagen in the skin which collectively provides instant lift and smoothening to the skin. This procedure is ideal for providing lift to the sagging skin primarily due to ageing or stubborn problem areas like abdomen, arms or breast.

For the procedure one is advised to increase the intake of water for few days before and after the procedure. Mild exercises and slight changes in diet can help bring lasting changes to reshaping the body.

Body fillers

For a few indications dermal fillers can be used to bring about subtle changes for body corrections. For example, Appearance of buttocks can be improved drastically with surgical procedures but for bringing about subtle changes that are semi permanent in nature one can opt for body fillers. These can stay in body for couple years to 5-10 years depending on which product you choose and is eventually processed by the body itself.

Double chin: This defect can also be corrected with the help of invasive and non-invasive procedures. For the people who do not wish to go under the knife or deal with the down-time, can choose to get a variety of procedures done for correcting any of the body or figure correction procedures depending your comfort. Wanting a chiseled angular chin can be achieved with using namely RF treatment, lipolysis injections, cryolipolysis or thread lift. Any of these solutions can be chosen depending on an informed decision about downtime and risks involved. You can choose which solution is most suitable to your comfort and basic needs to achieve a desired result.

Stretch marks : Stretch marks are visible scars occurring in the skin. They occur due to rapid stretching of the dermis or the weak connecting tissue of skin during growing years or pregnancy or with drastic weight gain. They are commonly occurring phenomenon and cannot really be avoided in certain conditions. There are surgical and non-surgical methods of treating stretch marks. The stretch marks are reddish in color for the initial 9-12 months and then they become lighter that skin and shiny in texture. They remain same and do not grow or change in appearance until there is further drastic weight related change in body. For a non-invasive treatment of stretch marks CO2 fractional laser is used for promising results. True to its function, CO2 fractional laser helps treating stretch marks by resurfacing skin. It sends very strong pulses of high energy to help exfoliate the top layer of the skin.

Scars treatment: At Je Amour we try and curate individual plans for patients.

Tattoo removal: You may regret your decisions for body ink that you absolutely loved at some point but cannot seem to like it anymore. There are very efficient surgical and non-surgical methods to remove tattoos. At Je Amour we offer permanent tattoo removal with state-of-art technology that comes with Pico-sure Laser tattoo removal. It efficiently removes all kind of pigments, even the colors that are not easily removed by regular tattoo removal lasers. It allows you to effectively get rid of tattoos. Pico sure works by heating and breaking down the pigment in the tattoos against simply heating effect of usual lasers. Depending on the size of the tattoo, it can take few minutes to hours for the treatment and few to multiple sessions separated by 3-4 weeks each to completely erase the tattoo.

Ideally the skin changes color into whitish frost like appearance during the procedure. The skin may become a little red or be slightly swollen or form blisters for a couple days after a session but it will heal normally by forming a crust and eventually shedding like any normal wound. It is very important to only get this done from a trained professional to get optimum results without causing any kind of scarring.

Hair removal: Unwanted hair removal is one of the commonly sought-after procedure. Whether it is facial hair or pubic hair or any part of the body, many people may feel embarrassed by the excessive hair growth. Due to haphazard hormonal activity in one’s body can lead to excessive hair growth and lasers can bring about lasting results that can help people restore their lost confidence in their appearance. Thanks to the advancement in the field of aesthetics, the unwanted hair can be permanently reduced effectively. At Je Amour we use Je Amour’s customized diode laser for permanent hair reduction. The term laser hair permanent removal can be misleading where as in reality it is permanent hair reduction. Depending on the area to be treated it can take 6-7 sessions to achieve completely hairless area. The next session is scheduled when the hair grows to their full extent. With each session the hair growth is reduced, and rate of growth is slower than the last session. So, the time between two sessions keeps increasing. So, the growth is subsequently reduced to minimum. Thick dark hair against light skin show best results which is the case for maximum of Indian population.

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