Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is recognized as a process whereby energy is supplied to the hair follicles using photons of light with low intensity. Low power laser can penetrate easily into the skin without generating a sensation of heat. Direct application of laser rays on the scalp leads to stimulation in the supply of red blood cells, which provide nutrients and oxygen to the scalp. Increase in the formation of red blood cells results in supplementing more blood circulation that is beneficial for hair growth and rejuvenation.


At Je Amour, we provide the latest innovation Cold Laser/ Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatment for hair loss.

Among various factors prompting someone to consider LLLT, the major reason remains the the healing ability of the laser therapy. Cold Laser Therapy certainly works well with chronic skin and hair conditions and shows excellent results in a very short span of time.

Who Benefits From LLLT?

Typically, patients who benefit from Low Level Laser therapy include those having:

  • Hair loss for not more than five years
  • Bald patchesof not more than four inches across the scalp
  • Genetic hair loss and thinning
  • Undergone other hair loss therapies or treatments
  • Undergone chemotherapy
  • Hair loss after prolonged illness
  • Hair loss due to other medications or mental instability
  • Dry and rough scalp
  • Hair loss just after giving birth

What Results To Expect From LLLT?

Following noticeable changes will be observed after undergoing LLLT:


  • Hair becomes beautiful in texture and more manageable
  • Hair looks shinier, fuller with more volume and bounce
  • Hair loss exhibits declining trend and even stops completely
  • Hair folliclesareenrichedto revive hair growth
  • Scalp dryness, itchinessand irritation decreases drastically
  • Hair cuticles and pores are closed leading to positive results being observed while colouring, perming and having other hair care treatments
  • Hair shaft is revitalized by adding more strength

LLLt At Je Amour’s

Our phenomenal LLLT treatment utilizes the combination of light, colour, and vibration without radiating heat. This results in substantial reduction of any inflammation and promotion in repairing of tissues on the scalp.

This is a virtually painless procedure that shows dramatic results from chronic hair loss conditions in the matter of days. LLLT can also be considered to curb infections, combat stress and encourage hair regeneration.

Each treatment lasts for 20 to 60 minutes. According to Treatment protocols which our clinic follows, generally put 2-3 sessions per week for a continuous period of 6 weeks, followed by a single weekly session for a period of the next 3-5 months, depending upon the progress made so far.

Why Choose Je Amour?

Je Amour’s cold laser therapy is performed by our in-house cosmetic specialists and dermatologists to achieve optimum, results. Like our other treatments, LLLT is focussed on restoring and caring for the natural beauty. It is non-invasive procedure that helps diminish inflammation and induce tissue reconstruction beneath the skin level.

Our team of handpicked doctors have continually ensured natural looking exceptional good looks for you. We offer modern infrastructure and technological equipment in the LLLT treatment, to warrant absolute safety and efficacy.

At Je Amour, we have a convenient and customer friendly pricing plan based on per session of LLLT or the complete package.

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