Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

For the people who do not wish to go through a hair transplant or are going through thinning, scalp micropigmentation can be a procedure of choice to deal with baldness. This process uses microneedles to draw hair like tattoo pigment into the scalp or skin where it’s required. The tattoos are supposed to mimic the appearance of hair on the scalp and make the scalp to appear darker and dense like that of a shaved scalp.

At Je Amour, we use a hypo-allergenic pigment to tattoo dots on the scalp which is safe to use for the scalp. It is a highly technical procedure and should be done by a trained professional only. A detailed consultation with a practitioner is imperative to discuss your needs and your plan of treatment. After 2 or 3 sessions separated no less than a multi-week to multi-month period, the pigment is lasting. The outcome is unmistakably quick after your first session with us.

We represent expertise in making hairlines that look characteristic and compliment your facial shape, style and look normal. A correction or touch up may be required after around 3-5 years

Key Features:

  • Hair Transplant-
    Scalp MPG works extremely well with the direct hair implantation technique, particularly when the donor area is inadequate for a hair transplant procedure. It gives a denser look which looks 100% normal and mixes with existing hair.

  • Conceal Scars-
    Numerous men who have just experienced a hair transplant with other strategies than DHI, for example, FUT can end up with a scar on the back of the head that they can't hide with short hair. In these cases MPG covers the scars.

  • Covering Baldness
    MPG of the scalp permits to reproduce the appearance of the hair follicles on the head and in this manner to cover the hairlessness, on a little fix or a totally uncovered scalp.

  • Make a Density Effect-
    Scalp MPG is a decent choice when the patient's hair has a low thickness and the scalp can be seen too effectively. On account of its shades infused under the skin, it "hues" the scalp as a tattoo and abatement the skin/hair differentiate: This gives moment thickness and noticeable volume.

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