Explore our 360-degree services for all your hair, skin and body aesthetic needs

For the first time in India, most scientific skin analyzer to understand your skin. Most advanced robotic hair transplant technology for best result and we are the only facility in India that treats non-healing wounds like diabetic foot.

Body Care

Nurture your body ignite your glow

Trim and tone your body. Smooth cellulite. Tighten loose or sagging skin. Lift and resist gravity. Achieve the perfect shape. Remove unwanted hair. Reduce the appearance of scars. See how easily you can get the body you want with non-surgical body contouring, body lifts, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, laser hair removal, laser scar resurfacing and precision body sculpting in Miami Beach.

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Hair Care

Unleash your hair's full potential

We provide all kind of hair related solutions, from Hair Transplantation, Eye-Brow Restoration to Beard Restoration:

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Sexual Wellness

Your wellness is our absolute concern

The issue of female sexual dysfunction is quite common. Data shows that sexual difficulties may be experienced by more than 40% of the sexually active adult female population at some time in their lives. This percentage represents a sub-set of women who are psychologically distressed by their dysfunction, but do not necessarily consult a physician. Consequently, this statistic may actually be under reported and the condition under-diagnosed because data indicates that only 14% of women may have a conversation with their physician about their sexuality. For sexually dysfunctional women who have not responded to hormonal or psychologic therapies, previous attempts to develop an effective injectable therapy to treat dyspareunia, female orgasmic difficulties, and urinary incontinence have been limited by complications related to the material injected Risk Assessment.

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Laser Hair Reduction

Stay smooth for longer

Unwanted hair removal is one of the commonly sought-after procedure. Whether it is facial hair or pubic hair or any part of the body, many people may feel embarrassed by the excessive hair growth. Due to haphazard hormonal activity in one’s body can lead to excessive hair growth and lasers can bring about lasting results that can help people restore their lost confidence in their appearance. Thanks to the advancement in the field of aesthetics, the unwanted hair can be permanently reduced effectively. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to your hair removal methods, then you must consider laser hair removal.

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Plastic Surgery

Recapture the beauty of self-confidence

Just because the name includes the word "plastic" doesn't mean patients who have this surgery end up with a face full of fake stuff. The name isn't taken from the synthetic substance but from the Greek word plastikos, which means to form or mold (and which gives the material plastic its name as well). Plastic surgery is a special type of surgery that can change a person's appearance and ability to function. Reconstructive procedures correct defects on the face or body. These include physical birth defects like cleft lips and palates and ear deformities, traumatic injuries like those from dog bites or burns, or the aftermath of disease treatments like rebuilding a woman's breast after surgery for breast cancer. Cosmetic (also called aesthetic) procedures alter a part of the body that the person is not satisfied with. Common cosmetic procedures include making the breasts larger (augmentation mammoplasty) or smaller (reduction mammoplasty), reshaping the nose (rhinoplasty), and removing pockets of fat from specific spots on the body (liposuction). Some cosmetic procedures aren't even surgical in the way that most people think of surgery — that is, cutting and stitching. For example, the use of special lasers to remove unwanted hair and sanding skin to improve severe scarring are two such treatments.

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