You may regret your decisions for body ink that you absolutely loved at some point but cannot seem to like it anymore. There are very efficient surgical and non-surgical methods to remove tattoos. At Je Amour we offer permanent tattoo removal with state-of-art technology that comes with Pico-sure Laser tattoo removal. It efficiently removes all kind of pigments, even the colors that are not easily removed by regular tattoo removal lasers. It allows you to effectively get rid of tattoos. Pico sure works by heating and breaking down the pigment in the tattoos against simply heating effect of usual lasers. Depending on the size of the tattoo, it can take few minutes to hours for the treatment and few to multiple sessions separated by 3-4 weeks each to completely erase the tattoo.

Ideally the skin changes color into whitish frost like appearance during the procedure. The skin may become a little red or be slightly swollen or form blisters for a couple days after a session but it will heal normally by forming a crust and eventually shedding like any normal wound. It is very important to only get this done from a trained professional to get optimum results without causing any kind of scarring.

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