To get facial hair restored or reshaped is a very popular choice of cosmetic procedures today. Beard is a prominent part of male grooming and many men are choosing to go through this procedure. It includes removing hair from back of the scalp and surgically placing them at the recipient site. Thanks to Direct Hair Implantation technique it is presently possible to transplant hair from one part of the body to another. A detailed consultation with the doctor is a crucial part of the process as it determines your needs and expectations from the procedure

Specially craft

For every customer, a customised ‘hair substitution framework’ is made in Europe in light of the requested shape, and then fulfilled by us. The prosthetic hair framework takes around 8-12 weeks to arrive. When it arrives, the framework is fixed on the scalp of the customer, utilizing unique skin agreeable materials. The whole technique is performed by profoundly skilled and experienced hair beauticians and in our world class facility it takes about an hour for the whole procedure.

Refusion – Placement

Once settled, the customer may encounter a tad bitof unease for initial 3-4 days, yet once accustomed, they can experience the delight of having absolutely normal looking hair. This technique is similarly advantageous for the people who do not want a hair transplant or the ones who have had extensive hair loss and have run out of hair transplant possibility. Once the prosthetic hair fit, you can appreciate the full flexibility to wash, dry, brush and style your new hair, as you need.

Post Care

Once fitted, you need to do maintenance of the system, either in our facility or on your own, every 20-30 days. You would need a replacement of your skin in 8-12 months.

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