Eyebrows play a very important part in the aesthetic appeal of any face. Slight change or improvement can bring about immense changes. They may be vestigial in holding any actual importance but they seem to help in keeping water or sweat off from eyes. The most important function that eyebrows hold is that it helps in identifying faces and function through social situations as they are crucial in emoting feelings. Eyebrows play a significant part in bringing harmony to facial features and there are several ways eyebrows may need to be rebuilt. Many people look for eyebrow reconstruction or redefining procedures. At Je Amour we bring you multiple viable methods depending on your requirement and feasibility to improve the look of your eyebrows.

Whether your eyebrows are sparsely grown, or there is uneven density of hair, or there has been a scar that makes you unhappy with your appearance, we can help you fix them.

Eyebrow Hair Loss Indications:

  • Physical injury
  • Over plucking or grooming
  • Sparse growth
  • Trichotillomania
  • Health conditions like chemotherapy or lupus
Je Amour Has Two Separate Strategies For Eyebrow Rebuilding:
  • Physical injury
  • Micro-pigmentation

Eyebrow Restoration

With FUE at Je Amour it is currently conceivable to transplant hair from to any part of the body to where it might be required. Scalp hair is used as donor site for eye brow reconstruction while using our unique FUE technique for hair transplant. Only single follicle grafts can be used for this procedure to mimic appearance to that of eyebrows. It is essential to imitate the angle of placement of grafts, the direction of growth as well as the facial symmetry while planning for an eyebrow transplant. Make sure you choose your surgeon carefully.

How Does Hair Implantation Function?

  • The specialist completely plans the eyebrow zone as indicated by the requirements of the patient and the characterized symmetry.
  • The quantity of required hairs and the sort of follicle that fits the requirement for a characteristic outcome and thickness are checked.
  • The required hair follicles are extracted from the donor site (generally the back of the head)
  • The extricated hair follicles are put into eyebrow zone.
  • The transplanted hair continues to grow permanently like normal hair.
  • Regular grooming and cutting for these hair may be necessary as the transplanted hair will grow slightly faster than the rest of eyebrow hair.


This is a method of filling in tattoo that is semi permanent in nature into the skin that allows the eyebrows to appear fuller. A small blade like instrument is used to fill in pigment that looks like single hairs. It is done onto absolutely bare skin or between existing hairs which in turn appear just like thicker and fuller eyebrows.

Eyebrow Micro-pigmentation isn’t permanent like a tattoo even if it may appear to be using a similar technique. This procedure may require one to two sessions to achieve a desired outcome and it will require touch up in couple years. The temporary nature of this procedure allows you to control and alter the outcome as you may need or desire.

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