On an average, 85% of men experience significant amount of hair thinning by the age of 40. Hair loss can be caused by various health, lifestyle and dietary causes which can be reversible using non-invasive methods of hair restoration and making necessary changes. The most common and potent cause of hair loss known as male patterned hair loss is simply because of genetic makeup of a person which is more or less irreversible in nature. Hair loss can be a significantly stressful which shows adverse effects on the social functioning of the suffering individual. A Hairloss solution like Minoxidil is approved by FDA to be the only medicine that can help in controlling and restoring hair loss to a large extent. But the hair loss usually returns within a year of discontinuing the product usage. The only permanent solution to male patterned baldness is a hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant is the process of removing grafts from one part of body and implanting them wherever that it is required. Hair loss is usually observed on top of scalp in various patterns and the hair on back and sides of the scalp are immune to shedding due to genetic hair loss. So the hair from the sides and back of the head can be extracted and implanted where it is required. These hairs continue to grow like normal hair and can be cut, colored or styled as required.

Providing Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment

Our hair transplant technique takes into account various aspects of extensive meticulous planning, arrangement, and constant feedback throughout the procedure. The process involves extremely careful and judicial handling of the hair follicles, which are actually a limited and depleting resource. The activity ensures the minimal occurrence of trauma and optimal revival of grafts.

We operate under the supervision and guidance of renowned hair restoration specialists, our highly trusted physicians, and hair care consultants. Theythoroughly understand the disturbing impact, which a condition of acute hair loss has,on the patients. They are also accredited to provide the most suitable medical advice about clinically proven hair fall treatments.

Our standard modern health care facilities are manned by a carefully selected professional team of medical experts, who are committed to delivering excellence, in experiences of patient care, responsible handling, comfort and the biggest achievable outcomes in transplantation and restoration. Whether it’s an advice on hair treatment medications or hair transplant – the authenticated and verified permanent solution – our experienced consultants will help you in choosing the most befitting choice for your condition of hairloss.

Our hair transplantation mechanism generates superior results by:

  • Reducing trauma tendencies
  • Diminishing handling instances
  • Increasing survival rate of grafts
  • Improving predictability of short-term and long-term results
  • Lessening possibilities of complications and adverse side effects
  • Minimise scarring
  • Promote hair growth
  • Producing natural and attractive looking results
  • Decreasing levels of patient discomfort
  • Improving the recovery time
  • Minimising bleeding
  • Reducing the risks of toxicity
  • Creating a positive experience conducive to both patient and staff

Why Choose Us?

  1. Hair Loss problems in men demand proper diagnosis, specifically customized solutions, consistent hair care and maintenance – We furnish all these necessities with our newly devised holistic system of professional hair transplantation.
  2. Our hair transplant procedure is a superlative offering, designed by a group of certified and accomplished international dermatologists, to deliver results.
  3. We are proficient in carrying out a comprehensive hair transplant operation, in which the most judicial extraction of grafts from the donor area are satisfactorily transferred to the balding recipient area, under the influence of local anaesthesia.
  4. Our hair transplantation procedure is minimally invasive in nature with an advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair regeneration that is devoid of any cuts, stitches, and scars.
  5. We combine our hair transplant technique with various other high efficacy hair-building procedures, like natural hair regrowth and rejuvenation with PRP, Hair Nutrient Infusion Therapy, and Hair Root Stimulation Laser Therapy. This unique approach triggersfaster hair growth and ensures best natural looking results.
  6. We offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern technological equipments in the hair replacement surgery process, to safeguard maximum safety and effectiveness of the activity. Our esteemed team of doctors are qualified experts in this domain of hair transplant.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the advancement of hair transplant procedures over time today the procedure is not painful at all. During the surgery local anaesthesia is administered to ensure painless experience. For the next two weeks when the surgery heals we take the help of antibiotics and painkillers to facilitate fast and comfortable recovery.

The level of growth of hair can differ widely from person to person which is why It may take 3-4 months for the transplanted hair to start growing and continue to grow upto 12-14 months from the day of surgery. Your natural hair continue to grow normally.

Hair fall in men is inevitable and can only be controlled to some extent and cannot be stopped. The shedding usually start from the top of the scalp or crown and the hair from sides and back of the head remain immune to the shedding or hair fall. So when grafts from the back and sides of the head are used for a hair transplant, they tend to be permanent in nature and do not shed.

A hair transplant procedure is usually a single day process and the patient can go home by the end of the day. A total of 4000 grafts can be done in a single session and if the hair loss is extensive and 5000 or 6000 grafts are required to fill the baldness then the procedure may extend over two consecutive days or separated by 5-6 months.

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